Dating sites for astrology

21-Aug-2018 00:22

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Love Digits is an alternative service that integrates ancient astrology into current online dating trends to help two individuals better understand their compatibility, without relying on the standard matching processes now used by many online dating platforms.To find out more about this unique service, we spoke to long-term astrology enthusiast and Love Digits CEO, Nirja Mahenthiran, During the interview, Mahenthiran explains the advantages of using Love Digits over other compatibility services, and how they plan to grow the app over the coming months.The app’s Vedic Numerology and Chinese Astrology components focus on birthdays and birth years.The Vedic Numerology component computes compatibility using the numeric value of each person’s birthday, whereas the Chinese Astrology component gauges compatibility based on the ruling animal in each person’s birth year.The upgrade also includes a recommendations section for those users who haven’t found “the one” and are in need of a little nudge in the right direction.I am an executive recruiter and was working for a large business technology services company in New York.

dating sites for astrology-25

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I strongly believe astrology can help match people with more compatible partners.Love Digits’ carefully formulated algorithm makes the app the first love compatibility tool in the market to combine Vedic astrology, Vedic numerology – a subcategory of Vedic astrology – and Chinese astrology into a single platform.The weighted, five-star rating system breaks down as follows: 66% Vedic astrology, 24% Vedic numerology and 10% Chinese astrology, and a couple’s birth dates, times and places hold varying degrees of importance for each of the three components.The Vedic astrology component–also known as Jyotish astrology–draws on all three criteria to prepare separate unique horoscope charts (or birth charts) for users and their partners.

The horoscope charts, included in Love Digits’ Unlimited Access plan, identify each person’s Sidereal Zodiac sign and provide a “map of the universe” (i.e.

the location of the zodiacs, the sun, moon, and planets) calculated based on exactly when and where the person was born.